Meet the Designer; Nisan Ergün

Nisan Ergün is a multi-talented artist with a profound spiritual connection to her work. From a young age, Nisan has been passionate about creative expression, excelling in various art forms including fashion design, fine art, jewelry design, and music, with a particular love for the cello. With a background in costume design, Nisan is also an experienced custom costume artist who has created designs for various festivals and shows.

Nisan is not only a gifted artist, but also a dedicated environmentalist. Her designs are ethically and consciously made with organic cotton and non-chemical, plant-based dyes. She follows a no-waste policy in her production process and continuously strives to improve sustainability within her brand, Zhenabia. Nisan's commitment to social and environmental responsibility is a reflection of her deep spirituality and belief in the power of art to effect positive change in the world.

The vision of the three sisters, Zhe, Na, and Bia, which Nisan received at a young age, has been the guiding force behind her work. These sisters, born through fire ignited by the collective human spirit, were given life by the elements and forces of nature, with their mother being the fertile earth and their father the flowing water. Zhenabia, the name Nisan chose for her brand, emerged as a symbol of this mystical realm.

In her wearable art garments, Nisan incorporates her unique vision and spiritual connection with nature by embroidering her own alphabet, elevating the frequency of the clothes and the person who owns them. She believes that clothing is a powerful tool for self-expression and that it can positively impact the world.

The vision of Zhe, Na, and Bia can be seen as a representation of the human spirit and the forces of nature that exist within us all. Zhe embodies the wisdom and light that we all possess, Na represents the warrior spirit that fights to protect our planet and our loved ones, and Bia, with her mystical darkness, can be seen as a tool for transformation and growth, representing the true power of a warrior who faces their inner darkness to bring forth their inner light.

The vision speaks to the universal truth that we are all related, with no discrimination between us, and that we are all children of Pacha Mama, our Mother Earth. In our day-to-day lives, we often forget where we come from and become disconnected from nature, prioritizing material possessions and ego-driven desires. However, by embracing our wisdom, warrior spirit, and mystical nature, we can remember who we truly are and live in harmony with our environment and each other.

Through her art, Nisan channels the vision of ZheNaBia, reminding all her sisters and brothers to take the step to come back to our roots.

"We are all related, children of Pacha Mama, and it is our duty to protect and honor her," she says. "Let us channel our true higher selves and remember who we are, not what we have been told to be. Together, we can create a world that is in harmony with nature and all its inhabitants."