Story of ZheNaBia

A legend tells the story of three sisters, Zhe, Na, and Bia, who are given life by the elements and forces of nature. 

Their mother is the fertile earth…

their father is the flowing water…

The three sisters are born through fire ignited by the collective human spirit.

Firstborn, Zhe, is blind from birth, Her wisdom is innate… She is the leader, the light, and the compass. 

Middle child, Na, is a true warrior. A fighter so agile and quick, silent and strong. She is the shield, the champion, and the power.

The youngest, Bia is is the temptress, the most fallible, is mystifying.… Bia compels to reveal the unknown.. She is the one, gifted with the codes, that she is now sharing with you to unveil…

The world of ZheNaBia is an enchanting manifestation of:Nature and man, supernatural and empirical, real and surreal.

It is an enchanting manifestation of real and surreal.

The balance of the light -and the dark.

Reading the omens

Hearing the earth singing

Watching the sparkles in the eyes